Eighth International Conference on Sport & Society

  • 2017 Special Focus - Out of Bounds: Gender, Identity, and Participation in Sport
  • 10–11 July 2017
  • Imperial College, London, UK

Conference Themes and Special Focus

The Eighth International Conference on Sport & Society features research addressing the following annual themes and the 2017 Special Focus.

  • Theme 1: Sporting Cultures and Identities
  • Theme 2: Sport and Health
  • Theme 3: Sports Education
  • Theme 4: Sports Management and Commercialization
  • 2017 Special Focus—Out of Bounds: Gender, Identity, and Participation in Sport

Plenary Speakers

The Eighth International Conference on Sport & Society will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Professor of Sport, Masculinities & Sexualities, University of Winchester, UK

21st Century Jock: Changing Masculinities in Sport

Dr. Eric Anderson is Professor of Sport, Masculinities & Sexualities at the University of Winchester, in England. He holds four degrees, has published 14 books, and over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles. His research is regularly featured in international television, print, and digital media.

He is the leading academic expert on gay men in sport, and the architect of Inclusive Masculinity Theory, which was generated from his research showing that deceased homophobia leads to a softening of heterosexual masculinities. This permits young men to kiss, cuddle, and maintain bromances with other males, while also leading to semi-sexual behaviors between men and the increased recognition of bisexuality. Read more...

Rachael Bullingham

Rachael Bullingham

Lecturer, Physical Education, University of Worcester, UK

Rachael is a lecturer in Physical Education at the University of Worcester. She previously taught Physical Education in a secondary school, as well as performing various pastoral roles. In addition to teaching she has been involved in research and has recently published on the topic of homophobia in sport. Rachael is currently studying for a PhD analysing the experiences of openly lesbian athletes participating in team sports. She is a keen sport player and currently plays hockey; previously she has both played and officiated rugby. Rachael also enjoys outdoor sports particularly sailing where she has won national titles, as crew, in the yachting world dayboat class. Read more...

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