2021 Special Focus—Sport and Society in Crisis

The impact of the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis has disrupted many regular aspects of life and therewith had considerable effects on the sporting world as well as on the physical and mental well-being of people around the world. On the elite level, the move of the Olympic Games to 2021 has led to significant disruptions to the sporting calendars. On the recreational level, access to regular sporting or exercise routines has been largely restricted. Many questions have come out of the current situation that we seek to answer at this year’s Sport & Society Conference. How can spectators safely return to mega-sport events? What psychological, physical and social impact did the Covid-19 lockdown have on elite athletes and leisure sport participants? What role can new technologies play in safeguarding sporting activities on all levels? We want to focus on the economic, social and cultural impact of crises in sport, including learning from other sectors and from sport’s history of (not) dealing with challenges in the past.

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