Persistent Discoverability and Formal Citation ...

Our commitment is to maximize the exposure and impact of our Research Network Members. All presenters are given personal Presenter Pages that support persistent discoverability and formal citation of your conference presentation and its digital media. We are seeking to bring conference presentations into the digital era:

-- Linked to profile page on CGScholar

-- Displaying abstract summary

-- Thematic connection to panelists and peers

-- Ability to add digital media: video, sound, other files

Introducing Open Media ...

We also are introducing an Open Media option to expand the reach of your work. This is a unique and innovative Open Access offering for our Research Network members:

-- Content will be shared with all research network members

-- Visible to the public web

Developing knowledge ecologies and researching scholarly communication technologies since 1984.

The development team at the Common Ground Media Lab has been working tirelessly on create a next-generation web platform to support a robust blended conference experience – with the online component being a central communicative pillar where participants and presenters attend in-person or only online.