Jonatan Ruiz to Speak at the 2020 Conference on Sport & Society

  • 2019-11-05

We are pleased to announce that Jonatan Ruiz will be speaking at the Eleventh International Conference on Sport & Society.

Jonatan Ruiz is a professor at the University of Granada in the Faculty of Sports Sciences. Jonatan graduated in educational sciences with the specialty of physical education. He has a degree in physical activity and sports sciences as well as a PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Granada (Spain). Additionally, Jonatan holds PhD in medical sciences from the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Dr. Ruiz earned numerous scholarships during his research career in Spain, from the Research Initiation Grant to the Ramón y Cajal Post-Doctoral contract. Dr. Ruiz was the first researcher of the prestigious Ramón y Cajal program with training in sports science, being 1 of 6 contracts awarded at the national level within the area of clinical medicine and epidemiology.

Jonatan has dedicated his research career to study the impact of regular activity on cardiovascular health and more specifically on obesity and type 2 diabetes at different stages of life. Thanks to his research, today there is no doubt that the regular practice of physical activity has a protective effect on cardiovascular health in the first few decades of life.

He has published more than 400 articles in the area of physical activity and health, and has received more than 30 national and international research awards. He has an “h” index of 60.

Dr. Ruiz co-directs the research group PROFITH CTS-977 recognized by the government of Andalusia since its creation in January 2013. In the last 5 years, the group has been able to raise funds from public calls and private companies for a total value of more than € 1,500,000. The medium-long term objective of the research group is to train a stable team of young researchers capable of doing research at the highest level.


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