The New Face of Sports Media

  • 2017-09-07
  • Huffington Post

Over the last decade, journalism and reporting have experienced significant changes. One industry that has been deeply impacted by these changes is the sports world. Projected to reach a net worth of $73.5 billion by 2019, the sports industry is one of the largest industries in the world (Heitner). Due to its massive scope, the sports industry has magnified these changes in journalism and reporting. Technology is the major reason for these changes, and it is often said that technology-enabled social media has altered the traditional sense of journalism. As a result, the industry has seen the emergence of a new trend that has come to represent the new face of sports media - athlete driven media. Athlete driven media continues to grow rapidly, perhaps facilitated by the appearance of numerous athlete driven media companies.

As technology and social media continues to advance and take control of sports journalism and reporting, athlete driven media is here to stay.